• At Easy Self Store we have secure, stress free domestic storage for all your household furniture and effects from only £5 a week.

  • Our storage rooms and larger warehouse space allow greater freedom for businesses, without compromising on security and cost.


Welcome to Easy Self Store

Easy Self Store offers a wide range of storage and self storage solutions for home and businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire. Whether you need to store a few personal items or the contents of your family home or commercial office, we are here to help you. Choose from our Household Storage, Business Storage, Archive Storage and Student Storage services.

At Easy Self Store we also supply a complete range of packing materials to suit your individual needs and help you prepare for storage or pending move we offer ‘free’ helpful, friendly and expert advice. For a quote, email or call us on 01482 440044 – it’s that easy!

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Just observing the beautiful countryside surrounding Hull and East Yorkshire gives plenty of incentives to care about the environment. At Easy Self Store, as well as offering excellent self-storage solutions, we are committed to ensuring that our services do not have a negative impact upon the environment. We are committed to ensuring that any materials […]

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Student storage

The University of Hull attracts many students from outside of Hull and East Yorkshire. Students who return home during the holidays may feel uneasy at the prospect of leaving their valuable possessions unattended at their term-time accommodation. An easy self-storage solution enables you to spend time with your friends and family at home without the […]

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Business storage

Business owners throughout Hull and East Yorkshire know just how expensive office space can be. Paperwork and office equipment that are not currently in use can take up valuable space which could otherwise be used productively. This can also be a concern to local businessmen and businesswomen who ply their trade from home or through […]

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Tidy house, tidy mind?

Many families throughout Hull and East Yorkshire are becoming more minimalistic. A recent survey has shown that an ordered and tidy household can reduce stress and promote wellbeing. This does however come at a cost. People tend to throw away valuable household goods that may be useful to them at a later date. An easy […]

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